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Sunday, April 14, 2013


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Twenty-two-year-old Emma Keane has a secret friend. He’s powerful, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome. In her dreams, anyway. In real life, he’s an enigma. Maybe just a teensy jealous. Definitely overbearing. He’s also a voice only she can hear. 

So who or what is he? He won’t say. But if she wants to be free, to be normal, Emma will have to trek to the jungles once ruled by the Mayans and find the forgotten ruin holding the answers.

However, the ruthless deity she’s about to unknowingly unleash on the modern world might not be so easily extracted from her life. Bottom line, he’s got enemies, and now, so does she.     

 This is the first book in the Accidentally Yours series. It's a fast paced book that is full of humor  The characters are great! The female character is spunky and doesn't always think before she acts, and her companion, as she calls him Guy a.k.a. Votan -God of Death and War, is arrogant and sexy!It's a cute story full of action and humor  There is a cliff hanger ending that leaves you wanting more. I have found a new author to watch out for and give this book 4 out of 5 stars
* If you liked this book then check out the second in the series: Accidentally Married To...A Vampire?* 

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