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Monday, April 8, 2013

Author Interview with Tania Penn!

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1. How did The Morning Star come about?
Tania:  "I had been toying with the idea of writing about Lucifer as a misunderstood and lovestruck being,
one who was a father as well. Initially, it was going to be a love story between him and Michaela,
then decided to throw in the whole "Romeo and Juliet" factor, and make it a love story between their
daughter, and the son of an Archangel, whom Michaela is in love with."

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Tania: "Either from dreams, or when my mind starts wandering off -- that can be a very dangerous thing! I
am constantly thinking, thinking, thinking, it never shuts off. Even when I am lying in bed, I am
coming up with scenarios and story ideas. In my previous life not to very long ago, I was the lead
singer and songwriter of my own band, The Wallbangers, and songwriting inspiration was
everywhere -- even from just one word to a commercial!"

3. How many books do you plan to write in this series?
Tania: "At the moment, I have plans for three. Currently working on book 2, Equinox. It took me a while to
figure out the skeletal structure, so to speak, in my mind of where I wanted to go next with the
characters. It was a bit of a challenge, so I really hope book 3 comes a bit easier to me!"

4. How long did it take to write The Morning Star?
Tania: "I started writing it in late 2012, and when a friend told me about UtopYA in Nashville this coming
June, I made it my goal to finish by then. But lo and behold, I finished before the end of 2012!
Overall, took me 4 months."

5. Was it difficult to pick a cover for the book?
Tania: "Not at all. I'm a sucker for simple black and red book covers -- just like a bottle of wine, my eye
gravitates to the black and red. Lucky for me, my husband is an artist and told him what I wanted.
His first concept, which took him all of ten minutes to do, was of a broken and bleeding cross, which
was awesome sauce to the fifth power, but it looked more vampiric then angelic. By mistake he
clicked something on photoshop to lighten the cross, and it washed out with the bright flash that you
see now. " Perfect! " I told him, leave that and add a little embellishments. Took him a total of fifteen
minutes to design that for me!"

I want to thank Tania for doing this interview and letting me be a part of this blog tour! :)
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  1. Thank you for having me Shalyn!

  2. Your welcome! (: Def. looking forward to Equinox coming out!!