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Sunday, April 14, 2013


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Vampire Warden Series

About the series: The Wardens series begins with the three Brooks brothers, Evan, Aiden, and Troy. They were early settlers of the town of Braunfels, Texas. When the town was haunted by a series of brutal animal attacks, that left a half-dozen townsmen murdered, the Brooks brothers took things into their own hands. Armed and ready for action, they set out into the wilderness, determined to find this animal and kill it. What they found was a female vampire who decided the brothers were scrumptious morsels, worth keeping around for a lifetime. She attacked the brothers and turned them to vampires.

No sooner did she turn them, though, than another vampire appeared and killed her. This vampire declared himself a "Warden" of the Vampire Council. Wardens uphold the rules of the Vampire race and report to the Council. Killing a human is punishable by death and their 'Maker' had broken that rule. The brothers were then taken to the Council, where they were taught how to survive without killing, how to mingle with humans as if one of them, and when to move on from a location so that they would not be suspected as vampires. Most  importantly, they learned who their enemies were and how to defeat them. In the end, the brothers were granted a financial dowry that had belonged to their Maker and given the choice of freedom, under Council rule, or an alternative--to become Wardens. Now, the brothers travel together as Wardens, tracking outlaw vampires, killing them and protecting innocent humans. It is their eternal duty.

 Evan's story- The werewolf population is entrenched in a century long civil war, and now they are plagued by a virus that is turning wolves into killers. The Brooks brothers pursue one such rogue werewolf to Temple, Texas. It is in Temple that Evan encounters a beautiful nurse named Marissa who instantly melts the hundred years of ice running through his veins. When she is brutally attacked by the wolf, he breaks the rules of the Vampire Council and uses his blood to save her. Now, if he doesn't kill the wolf by the next full moon, Marissa will become a killer wolf, and he will be sentenced to death.

This is one of my favorite series. There are three books and they are all short stories that'll keep you entertained and wanting more. It's about three brothers who are vampires and soldiers in a way. They are hot, fierce, and very lovable.The first book is called Hot Vampire Kiss and this is Evan's story. There is 51 pages and it is 0.99 @ Amazon. It's worth it! I couldn't get the brothers out of my head for days. They have everything you need in a good romance book! They are sexy, strong, and smart wardens that love with all their heart. It's a pretty steamy series, so if you are one that doesn't like to read about a lot of sex and details, then you may not enjoy it. The second book is the longest story with about 205 pages.The title is Hot Vampire Seduction. This is Aiden's story and is also only 0.99 cents. This had action, hot sex scenes, love, and a fiesty female character for the brother. I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first one. And the third book is called Hot Vampire Touch which is Troy's story. I highly recommend these books and rate them  5 out of 5 stars.  * If you enjoy these books, then check out Wicked Werewolf Night by this author. It is the beginning of a new series, but picks up where this one leaves off. This book is about werewolves and witches. It's just as good as these books are and only 0.99!

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