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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vampire Academy Giveaway!!

To celebrate everything that's been going on in the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines world I decided to have a giveaway. I'm totally pumped for The Fiery Heart to come out this November and Vampire Academy movie to come out on Valentines Day. I've already re read the series like a 100 times and wanted to share my excitement/love with other VA fans. There will be 4 winners and this will last 1 week. Once the winners are chosen I will send them an email and then mail the prizes asap.

1st place winner:
 VA pinDecal

2nd place:

3rd place:

4th place:

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  1. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Good luck to everyone! Xx

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm reading Shadow Kiss right now. I'm loving this series.

  3. Your welcome, thanks for entering! (:
    I love this series and am so stoked that they are making into a movie! I've actually convinced my boyfriend to start reading it and he is enjoying it too so far haha.