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Monday, August 12, 2013

Here's a little teaser from The Fiery Heart!

So here is an update about Bloodines & Vampire Academy 
In case anyone missed it a few weeks ago, here is the first chapter of The Fiery Heart!
Now the lovely Richelle Mead has posted another teaser from the book:
>Get a better look at it here<

Breathe! Breathe! Everyone good? Alright, now I'm sure some of ya'll are probably thinking

Everything will be fine, November 19th will be here soon!! And to hold us over until then it has been released that the Vampire Academy movie trailer will be released THIS WEEK!
I'll be sure to post the link once it's finally revealed (: 

Here ya go! Heres the teaser:

Official movie trailer:

They also released three movie stills today! I'm fangirling the f out! Thank you WeinsteinCo for releasing these today!

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