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Sunday, November 17, 2013


The AwakeningThe Awakening by Sophia Gray
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I started reading this book because I really liked the cover and it was a free read. It starts out telling you about Zoey and how she lives with her mother. Her father is dead, she never met him, and her mom is not very affectionate. Zoey feels alone, wondering what could she have possibly done to make her own mother hate her so much. Zoey's best friend, Ben, lives across the street and he is being physically abused by his father. They are bullied at home and at school, they only have each other. Ben is in love with Zoey, but she sees him more as a brother. After a really bad beating from a girl at school, strange things start to happen to Zoey. Once she starts going through some changes I thought there would be some action, more explanation of how she is a vampire, but no. As soon as things start to pick up the book ends, which I sorta understand because there is a sequel, but the ending left me confused and unsure exactly what's going on. At one point in the story Zoey thinks about dating Ben, but quickly realizes that she doesn't have feelings like that for him, but once she becomes a vampire she wants to only drink his blood, which someone explains to her that it's because when you first awaken as a vampire you want to drink the blood of the person you are the most attracted to. After having Zoey clearly make it known throughout the book that she loves Ben like a brother and doesn't have romantic feelings for him it didn't make sense to me. I feel like this could have been a good book, but the ending seemed like it was jut thrown together and left me more confused than intrigued.

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