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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book Signing this weekend!

So I haven't been online in awhile and it seems like I miss soo much when I take a month off! Luckily, I found out earlier this week that there is going to be a book signing this Saturday about three hours away from me and that Wendy Higgins is going to be there! Yes, I will be making the long trip because 1.)  I love Wendy & 2.)  I've never been to a book signing before!! (:  I'm hoping to get some autographs, find some new books to check out, take some pics, and I'm just pumped to go on a road trip! 

Also found some info. about YA Fest 2014! I'm hoping to make this event too, I'd love to get a chance to meet Brigid Kemmerer,author of Storm, and Cesya Cuono, author of Elemental Reality! Here's a link to the list of authors appearing at the 2014 YA Fest: Author Appearances 2014

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