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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Teaser Tuesday!

This meme is where bloggers post a few quotes or sentences from their current read. I'm currently reading Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid. It's pretty good so far and VERY steamy ;)

1. "Don't flatter yourself, Cabot. You were less satisfying than a vibrator."    pg 53

2. "Maybe it's fate. Maybe it's this place. Why do you think the sex is so good between us? It's because we meet on an unconscious spiritual plane. It's not purely physical."     pg 157


  1. This is a very creative feature! Do commenters post a quote too?

  2. Thanks! Sure!! Feel free to post a quote and what book you are currently reading :)

  3. hey, I found you on book blogs and am a new follower:) Check out my blog too:

  4. Thanks for the follow! Am now following you back :) I checked out your blog and really like it. We have read some of the same series and I love meeting new people! keep in touch